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New Webinar — Assessing Speaking: the challenges and opportunities of using a paired format

6 December 2012

Cambridge ESOL invites you to join us for our new webinar — Assessing Speaking: the challenges and opportunities of using a paired format. This is the final topic in our programme of webinars for 2012. Our new programme of webinars will be available from the middle of December. 

There is widespread consensus that speaking skills play a fundamental role in language learning, teaching and assessment. There is equally widespread agreement that speaking is one of the most difficult language skills to assess. This webinar will give an overview of different formats used in speaking assessment, and will focus in more detail on paired tests, which characterise the majority of the Cambridge English speaking tests. We will explore paired speaking tests in terms of research and practice and discuss their benefits and caveats. The webinar will end with ideas for developing interactional Speaking skills in the classroom.

To register for this webinar, click on your preferred date and time:

Webinar topics for 2013 include:

  • How can assessment support learning? A Learning Oriented Approach
  • How the Cambridge English: Advanced (CAE) Writing paper is assessed

You can watch recordings and download the slides from our Teacher Support site. Topics include the revised Cambridge English: Proficiency, Cambridge English: First for Schools, Cambridge English: Advanced Speaking, Cambridge English: Preliminary for Schools, Introducing the Teaching Knowledge Test (TKT) and How are Cambridge English Writing papers marked?